Aerial view of the proposed AZC bridge in Paris

Bouncing pedestrians on the AZC proposed bridge in Paris

AZC proposed bridge in Paris

Sketch of the AZC proposed bridge in Paris

AZC proposed bridge in Paris

Backflip on the AZC proposed bridge

Landscape view of the AZC proposed bridge

No, this is not a set design proposal for Amelie Poulain’s next magical adventure in Paris or an idea dreamt up by a bunch of Disneyland Paris imagineers after one too many pichets of vino. It is the architecture firm Atelier Z├╝del Cristea’s (AZC) proposed design for an inflatable trampoline bridge across the Seine. The concept won 3rd prize in the Archtriumph 2012 contest of ideas design competition, and the bridge would be constructed from giant PVC rings inflated with more than 130,00 cubic feet of air and 100 feet of trampolines stretching across the surface.

As a former gymnast, my eyes lit up at the thought of somersaulting my way across the Seine and seeing the landscape right side up and upside down. Fun? Absolutely! Realistic for pedestrians of all ages and physical condition? Hmmm…..ummm….The firm mentioned that the perimeter buoys are designed to prevent any dismounts into the river below, accidental or otherwise, and guard rails are included on the walkways between the trampolines. However, my lawyer friends would likely shutter at the liability for the city on this one.

Whatever the case, it’s surely a super fun concept and I’d gladly volunteer to test out the prototype. I love envisioning this built in the 19th century, where you’d hear Napoleon shouting to his brigade, “Come on men, let’s bounce!”