I simply loved this project! It’s clever, aesthetically interesting and extremely effective.

BUND (Friends of the Earth Germany) ran a unique charity concert in Berlin to raise awareness of the 15,000 trees the city had lost over the last few years. A nearly 100-year-old chestnut tree was transformed into a street musician and played music for the preservation of all his fellow trees. When the first chestnut in the Berlin park of Monbijou began to fall in early September 2012, a construction of membranes installed underneath the tree translated the bounce of every chestnut into sound sequences. In a harmonious concert with the wind and the creaking of the tree, a unique organic sound composition was created. Visitors were invited to listen to the concert and donate to the cause. If someone sent in his donation and name by text, the tree would thank the donor through a personal greeting that appeared on the membrane. Online donors also received an exclusive download track. The Tree Concert lasted for one week (17-23 September, 2012) and after the concert, Berlin DJ star Robot Koch produced a remix which continues to raise funds.

The project was created by BBDO Proximity Berlin, Ketchum (PR), and a creative pool of artists from the Gang of Berlin. The campaign won a Gold Design Lion at Cannes International Festival of Creativity.
Location: Monbijoupark, Berlin, Germany