Winter Sun



Montrealers may well appreciate this type of installation smack dab in the middle of January or February (or even April at the rate we’re going). The following text is from the site inhabitat (Winter Sun art installation brings warmth and light to King’s Cross in London, by Lucy Wang, 12/08/14)

“Artists James Bowthorpe and Kim Coleman collaborated with architect Andrew Lock to design Winter Sun, a ‘hearth’-like art installation that doubles as a public gathering space with an open-air bar. The temporary structure illuminates the area with twelve glowing ‘suns’ that change brightness to emulate natural light.

An open-air bar located at the heart of the structure serves up hot and cold cocktails made from locally-sourced ingredients such as honey and winter fruits. Everything from the design of the bar to the uniforms fit the sunlight concept and was created using exposed light-sensitive materials.

“Humans used to celebrate mid-winter as the time of the year when the earth is furthest from the sun, anticipating its glorious return,” say the designers. “Winter Sun is a dose of man-made sun in the dark of winter.” The twelve glowing lights surrounding the public space endlessly dim and brighten to emulate the sun at different phases, such as daybreak or full sun. The installation was accompanied with a series of small themed events including Sun Printing and Shadow Shape making.”