Nick Cave Sculpture

Nick Cave Sculpture

A recent trip to the Peabody Essex Museum led me to stumbling into some of Nick Cave’s sculpture and video projects. Wow, someone who loves color explosions and urban interventions as much as I do? Yups. Only a few days later, I serendipitously bumped into more of his work in NYC. Unfortunately I’d only just missed his exhibit called, “Heard NY,” which took place in Grand Central Station and was a collaboration between Nick Cave, Alvin Ailey dancers, Creative Time and MTA Arts for Transit. I can’t imagine how unexpectedly running into a rainbow of prancing horses in the middle of a daily commute wouldn’t put a smile on the face of just about anyone, no matter what kind of day you’re having. Thumbs up for artistic urban interventions!

Nick Cave Sculptures

Nick Cave Sculptures

Nick Cave Sculptures

Nick Cave Sculptures

Wow, it was love at first sight when I saw this piece! Pilobolus is a contemporary dance company and they’ve been delighting audiences with their creativity and originality for decades. Their name may sound familiar from video work they’ve done with the band OK Go or an appearance they made at the 79th Academy Awards (2007). I loved their Shadowland piece and just had to share it. It combines shape, color, movement, narrative and music in such a seamless way. I’ve been itching to collaborate with choreographers on some creative projects and this has added some fuel to the fire. Enjoy!


Check out what’s coming to San Francisco! On March 5, 2013, the Bay Bridge will be lit up by 25,000 white, individually-programmed LED lights for a distance of 1.8 miles. The light show will take place from dusk to midnight for two years. I’m so curious to see how this turns out and what the reaction of people who live within eye shot of the bridge will be. I’ll definitely check in with my friends who live in San Fran.

The artist is Leo Villareal and he has plenty of experience creating interesting lighting displays. However, this scale is surely a new size canvas for him and for anyone, for that matter. I wonder if they’ll incorporate music into the grand opening? It almost begs for it when you watch the pattern of lights. For more info, visit

A project called “Tree Philly” is looking to Citizenvestor for seed money

We’ve all heard of crowdfunding, so nothing new there. However, crowdfunding for public works projects? Interesting…Citizinvestor is a start-up that is connecting municipalities and citizens to fund public work projects of their choice. Municipalities submit projects and citizens also have the opportunity to petition for new projects as well. I’m curious to see how this concept pans out and I may have to test it out first hand.

Radio Boston aired a spot on crowdfunding public works projects:


The Giant of Boston

“The Giant of Boston” at the Rose Kennedy Greenway at Dewey Square, Boston

“The Giant of Boston” adding color to the financial district

If you have been near South Station in Boston recently, you may have done a double take when you spotted a burst of color wedged between the landscape of skyscrapers. This is the handy work of Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo, better known by their collective name, Os Gemeos (the Portuguese word for “twins”). These two brothers have been bringing their unique style of graffiti from their native Sao Paulo, Brazil to cities around the globe for several decades, and they currently have a solo show at the ICA in Boston. I just went and it’s definitely worth seeing.

This massive 70 x 70 foot mural on the side of a “Big Dig” ventilation building has surely been met with mixed reviews. Whatever the case, I’m a Fan (capital “F”) and please see their body of work before jumping to any conclusions. Not only does the piece add personality and color to a rather stark landscape, but it stimulates conversation and brings up all kinds of interesting social commentary (the good, the bad and the ugly).

Their visual style is very distinctive. It feels like Dr. Seuss meets Beavis and Butthead with a twist of surrealism and Brazilian jazz hands. The twins are often very inspired by their dreams and the part I found especially fascinating is that they actually often share the same dreams. Say what? How is that physically possible? Neurologists and psychologists, please jump in here.

I quite like their style and am posting a handful of pics and a video for you to enjoy.

Tagged chimney by Os Gemeos

Os Gemeos public art in Chelsea, NYC (320 West 21st Street)

Os Gemeos public art in Chelsea, NYC (320 West 21st Street)

The first thing that popped into mind at the sight of these murals……..United Nations golf pants! Ralph Lauren, are you listening?

Os Gemeos art at Revere Hotel on Stuart Street, Boston

Os Gemeos Painting

Os Gemeos Installation

Os Gemeos Installation


ICA show:

OK, I don’t want to freak my NYC peeps out, but I had to share this video. I thought it was a great use of storytelling, visuals and data to make the issue of carbon emissions a lot more tangible and real. It’s tough to duck or hide from those heaping mounds of blue bubbles piling one on top of the other at alarming rates.

The good news? Many people are consciously changing their behaviors related to purchase decisions, energy consumption and transport choices, and governments and cities are rethinking how we structure urban environments. However, we clearly have lots of opportunities to make improvements for the future.

NYC's Greenhouse Gas Emissions

A single hour’s emissions from New York City: 6,204 one-tonne spheres

For more info on the video:

Aerial view of the proposed AZC bridge in Paris

Bouncing pedestrians on the AZC proposed bridge in Paris

AZC proposed bridge in Paris

Sketch of the AZC proposed bridge in Paris

AZC proposed bridge in Paris

Backflip on the AZC proposed bridge

Landscape view of the AZC proposed bridge

No, this is not a set design proposal for Amelie Poulain’s next magical adventure in Paris or an idea dreamt up by a bunch of Disneyland Paris imagineers after one too many pichets of vino. It is the architecture firm Atelier Züdel Cristea’s (AZC) proposed design for an inflatable trampoline bridge across the Seine. The concept won 3rd prize in the Archtriumph 2012 contest of ideas design competition, and the bridge would be constructed from giant PVC rings inflated with more than 130,00 cubic feet of air and 100 feet of trampolines stretching across the surface.

As a former gymnast, my eyes lit up at the thought of somersaulting my way across the Seine and seeing the landscape right side up and upside down. Fun? Absolutely! Realistic for pedestrians of all ages and physical condition? Hmmm…..ummm….The firm mentioned that the perimeter buoys are designed to prevent any dismounts into the river below, accidental or otherwise, and guard rails are included on the walkways between the trampolines. However, my lawyer friends would likely shutter at the liability for the city on this one.

Whatever the case, it’s surely a super fun concept and I’d gladly volunteer to test out the prototype. I love envisioning this built in the 19th century, where you’d hear Napoleon shouting to his brigade, “Come on men, let’s bounce!”

Graffiti in the Plateau area of Montreal.

Graffiti in the Plateau area of Montreal

Graffiti in the Plateau area of Montreal. You gotta love Duc’s bling.

Graffiti in the Plateau area of Montreal

Montreal is a city filled with fabulous graffiti at every corner in some parts of town, especially in the Plateau area. The creative energy of the city literally spills out into the streets.



I snapped a few pics of the swings in action.

As the lights go down, the swings get their glow on.

Swings are for all ages.

I was at a creative conference in Montreal and I couldn’t resist going to check out this public art experiment I’d heard about at La Place des Arts. The project was designed by the company Daily Tous Les Jours and several partners. With the help of Luc-Alain Giraldeau, an animal behaviour professor, they explored the topic of cooperation. The idea was based on the principle that together, people achieve better things than separately.

The result was a giant collective instrument made of 21 musical swings; each swing in motion triggered different notes and all the swings together composed a piece. Some sounds only emerged from cooperation. This project brought together people of all ages and backgrounds, and made great use of a public space where people were generally standing waiting for public buses. Loved the concept!

C2-MTL Conference, Montreal 2012

What happens when you combine the creative and innovative super powers of Sid Lee, Cirque du Soleil, Moment Factory and Fast Company? You get a killer creative conference called C2-MTL. This was by far the more original and interesting creative conference I’ve attended to date. Leave it to the Montrealers!

The stage at C2-MTL 2012

Cirque du Soleil at C2-MTL

Amazing performances by Cirque du Soleil for some evening entertainment