Zen Zones

I’ve kick-started a social innovation project called “Zen Zones” and it’s been adopted by the incubator “Je fais Mtl” (https://fairemtl.ca/fr/zones-zen). We plan to help citizens, tourists and visitors reduce their stress levels by providing free and publicly accessible restorative zones or “human recharge stations” in urban public spaces in Montréal.

Creative thinking for problem solving

My personal and professional mission is to create more sustainable and healthier cities for the future. I’m optimistic about the power of creative thinking to help solve difficult challenges we face in society today and I feel that we’re only at the beginning stages of harnessing the talent that exists among our creative community and citizens to better our world.

I’m passionate about sustainability and feel we need to improve the way we design our products and environments in order to preserve our planet and improve quality of life for all creatures in the ecosystem. We can also find better ways to design our cities through more collaborative processes and approaches between city officials, academia, citizens, and a variety of professionals in the public and private sectors.