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Graffiti in the Plateau area of Montreal.

Graffiti in the Plateau area of Montreal

Graffiti in the Plateau area of Montreal. You gotta love Duc’s bling.

Graffiti in the Plateau area of Montreal

Montreal is a city filled with fabulous graffiti at every corner in some parts of town, especially in the Plateau area. The creative energy of the city literally spills out into the streets.



I snapped a few pics of the swings in action.

As the lights go down, the swings get their glow on.

Swings are for all ages.

I was at a creative conference in Montreal and I couldn’t resist going to check out this public art experiment I’d heard about at La Place des Arts. The project was designed by the company Daily Tous Les Jours and several partners. With the help of Luc-Alain Giraldeau, an animal behaviour professor, they explored the topic of cooperation. The idea was based on the principle that together, people achieve better things than separately.

The result was a giant collective instrument made of 21 musical swings; each swing in motion triggered different notes and all the swings together composed a piece. Some sounds only emerged from cooperation. This project brought together people of all ages and backgrounds, and made great use of a public space where people were generally standing waiting for public buses. Loved the concept!

C2-MTL Conference, Montreal 2012

What happens when you combine the creative and innovative super powers of Sid Lee, Cirque du Soleil, Moment Factory and Fast Company? You get a killer creative conference called C2-MTL. This was by far the more original and interesting creative conference I’ve attended to date. Leave it to the Montrealers!

The stage at C2-MTL 2012

Cirque du Soleil at C2-MTL

Amazing performances by Cirque du Soleil for some evening entertainment

Design by the architecture firm BIG

Design by architecture firm BIG

Was at TEDxEast in NYC on Monday. Favorite talk? Bjarke Ingels from the Danish architecture firm BIG speaking on “Hedonistic Sustainability.” Anyone who can turn a waste treatment plant into a ski slope that puffs smoke rings to display consumption impact is doing some BIG time creative think’n!
More on the project…

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I snapped a few shots at MIT’s Fast Light Festival last weekend (May 7 + 8, 2011). Light Drift was an interactive lighting installation that brightened up the Memorial Drive side of the Charles River in Cambridge. Of course, you couldn’t miss Liquid Archive, an interactive artwork floating on a barge in the Charles River in front of MIT’s Killian Court. The Fast Light Festival, celebrating MIT’s 150th anniversary, certainly added some color and personality to the Cambridge landscape. There will be more to come in the realm of public art for the Kendall Square area in the future!

More on MIT Fast Light Festival

A building that generates more energy than it consumes? Now, that’s what I like to hear! Designed by Kiss + Cathcart Architects, Arup Engineers and Wallace Robertson Todd Landscape Architects, the Solar 2 – Green Energy, Arts and Education Center is New York City’s first carbon-neutral, net-zero energy building.

Small Scale Big Change at MoMA. Metro Cable (2007–2010), Caracas, Venezuela

Small Scale Big Change

This was a great exhibit I saw at MoMA in December. Small Scale, Big Change: New Architectures of Social Engagement (October 3, 2010–January 3, 2011) presents eleven building projects on five continents that bring innovative architecture to underserved communities. The featured architects address the functional requirements of their designs but also aim to have a broad positive effect on the communities they work in, as partners in social, economic, and political transformation beyond the boundaries of their often modest sites.

Visit website for Small Scale Big Change