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Graffiti in the Plateau area of Montreal.

Graffiti in the Plateau area of Montreal

Graffiti in the Plateau area of Montreal. You gotta love Duc’s bling.

Graffiti in the Plateau area of Montreal

Montreal is a city filled with fabulous graffiti at every corner in some parts of town, especially in the Plateau area. The creative energy of the city literally spills out into the streets.

C2-MTL Conference, Montreal 2012

What happens when you combine the creative and innovative super powers of Sid Lee, Cirque du Soleil, Moment Factory and Fast Company? You get a killer creative conference called C2-MTL. This was by far the more original and interesting creative conference I’ve attended to date. Leave it to the Montrealers!

The stage at C2-MTL 2012

Cirque du Soleil at C2-MTL

Amazing performances by Cirque du Soleil for some evening entertainment

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I snapped a few shots at MIT’s Fast Light Festival last weekend (May 7 + 8, 2011). Light Drift was an interactive lighting installation that brightened up the Memorial Drive side of the Charles River in Cambridge. Of course, you couldn’t miss Liquid Archive, an interactive artwork floating on a barge in the Charles River in front of MIT’s Killian Court. The Fast Light Festival, celebrating MIT’s 150th anniversary, certainly added some color and personality to the Cambridge landscape. There will be more to come in the realm of public art for the Kendall Square area in the future!

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